Crypto Dwellers


    Crypto Dwellers is an upcoming card game on Solana which is centered around play to earn.
    The rewards are aimed towards players as well as creators!


    Who will you take into the fight?

    Undead Jester

    The Jester sees all. Spawning from the depths of the Underworld, he takes the soul of his enemies after their defeat in battle. The power to rally his comrades and raise souls from the Underworld to assist in battle, the Jester is not one to be taken lightly.

    Demon King

    The Demon King has taken rule for the last thousand years. As war has broken out and his kingdom threatened, the time to show his wrath has come. The true might of the Demon King lies in his combat and leadership ability!

    Altarian Assassin

    The entirety of the Assassin's life has been a mystery. A true nomad who has roamed the land for thousands of years, only surfacing when needed. They say those who have seen his true face never live to tell the tale.

    Punishing Paladin

    Most Paladin's in the realm are male, but the Punishing Paladin struck out through the ranks and quickly ascended to the top of her class. A ferocious warrior on the battlefield who can also support her troops during war, she is a valuable asset in any deck!

    Unholy Warrior

    Known for his superior combat ability and the power to take on armies alone, The Unholy Warrior knows no fear. Through time tales have risen of his mighty feats in war, The Unholy Warrior provides a pillar and boosts the morale of an army like no other.

    Plague Doctor

    Not all threats are as it seems. The power to destroy armies from a distance and leave entire cities at his mercy, the Plague Doctor is a mage that has wreaked havoc all over the realm. His mere presence reduces the morale of all enemies, and he capitalizes on their fear for a swift ending!




    Show your might in a head to head PvP battle against a fellow Dweller of similar rank! Winner takes all


    Send your favourite troops off on a quest and yield rewards from their spoils of war!

    Training Ground

    Hone your skills with a head to head PvP battle. This game mode has no ranking and will have lesser rewards.

    The World

    A ravaging war has been taking place all over the universe, for thousands of years we have not seen a new ruler who will sit atop the throne as the leader. It is uncertain what will come now, but we have seen all types of beasts, demons and heroes all make their moves to take their rightful spot on the throne. Who will be the champion of the Dwellers?


    Special Skills


    Unique Champions




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